Training modules

The aim of the project was to train operators working in the third sector on the use of life skills and the enhancement of emotional intelligence. Being aware of these emotional and relational cognitive skills within one's working context and in life in general, is of fundamental importance for promoting a real process of change that leads us to better respond to situations and to better adapt to the environment. Strengthening and stimulating operators on the use of these skills means that they are transmitted to those they take care of daily.

 In particular, this area is reserved for those who work in the third sector, in particular social workers, educators, psychologists, community housing managers for minors and students of related degree courses. In this space it is possible to find and download operating  tools, guideline, cards and activities to be used in one's professional practice. In addition, users will be able to upload the intervention program in this area, which they will have developed and will fill in a form / questionnaire for evaluating the intervention carried out before and after.

To download the material, simply access the reserved area by creating an account that will be active only after validation by the system administrator. As soon as the notification email has been received, it will be possible to access the area where you will find:

  • An entry questionnaire for the comparison of expected results
  • A section relating to content with teaching material
  • A Forum for sharing material, discussion on intervention plans, exchange of opinions and feedback, possibility to discuss the topics proposed or to be proposed

Have a good navigation!

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