Web Platform

FOCUS project - FOstering the Capacity of social workers delivering edUcation on life Skills, 26 months long, is a Key Action 2 - Strategic Partenership for adult education – Erasmus + Program. One of the most important result of the FOCUS project is the realization of an online platform that we are going to present. All the material produced during the implementation of the project activities takes shape within this platform with the main objective of creating an interactive place in which the stakeholders involved have the possibility of a continuous comparison for the exchange of ideas, opinions and feedback, to deepen the topics dealt with, to find useful tools for their work. Also, all those interested in the Focus model will be able to deepen their knowledge on the subject of life skills and approach the model we are promoting.

The web platform contains:

  • A description of the platform
  • A description of the project and partnership
  • A section with the results achieved
  • Guidelines on training modules
  • A reserved area with restricted access, only for social workers, educators, psychologist, manager of residential center.

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